Cold Laser Therapy Weight Loss

The best way to boost your confidence is liking the way you look and feel. No doubt about it. If you look in the mirror and happy at the image that’s looking back at you, then your confidence level increases. Many times though, even with diet and exercise, there are certain areas that still lag behind when it comes to slimming down and tightening the skin. The chin and neck area is a problem with most women. So are flabby arms and the bra bulge in the back. But the most common problem that women, even for some who are buff and toned, is the tummy area. Tummy tucks, which was the only way to correct sagging skin in the stomach area have now been replaced by lipo sculpting. A new procedure, a combination of cold laser therapy weight loss methods uses laser to tighten the skin and get rid of fat in the tummy area.

First, laser lipo is not magic. You still have to do your part. A healthier lifestyle which includes eating healthy, regular exercises and good amounts of restorative sleep will make your body bounce back and be at its peak, that means looking great, too. If you’re like most people who have lost weight and have areas of the body you want sculpted, shaped and contoured, you’ve probably looked at liposuction as your next step. Liposuction or the removal of fat from targeted areas of the body is more popular than ever because of new technologies that allow such procedure without the usual scarring, bleeding and bruising. This is because doctors now use laser to help them target resistant fat. Different wavelengths of light are used, and even low level light which is so low that it’s really not hot. This combination procedure known as cold laser therapy weight loss method is what women want now.

There are many companies with proprietary brands of laser machines that can do cold laser therapy weight loss procedures. Some doctors prefer one brand over the others.What is important is the expertise of the doctor doing the treatment. Yes, doctors with specialties such as dermatology, plastic surgery and surgery are the ones in the forefront of this new laser lipo method. Being treated by a doctor and not just an medical aesthetician gives the patient extra confidence because of the training and background doctors have in surgical procedures, healing and patient care. Because light is used in lower wavelengths, cold laser therapy weight loss procedures are non-invasive and can be done at the doctor’s office on a typical lunch break. Laser light is applied to the area where treatment is to be made, typically the chin, the neck, the jawline, the arms, the thighs and the tummy. Light is moved back and forth so that the fat cells can receive this laser light. What happens is that fat is slowly melted as it escapes the fat cells. Cold laser therapy weight loss works by pushing out the fat out of the cells. Depending on the machine and method the doctor uses, suctioning out the fat by a different probe may follow. Other doctors just continue to manipulate the laser light to and from the area and let fat slowly escape without suctioning it off.

Cold laser therapy weight loss modalities are different for every patient because liposuction is now customized based on need and expected results. Gone are the days when there was just one method of losing the fat by liposuction. Today’s newer and safer methods use combination treatment procedures, wherein laser weight loss is achieved by using light in higher wavelengths and lower wavelength (cold laser) and then followed by tumescent liposuction where the liquefied fat is suctioned out. Most doctors prefer this combination as they see how much fat is actually removed. Some doctors will only suction out 1 liter to 2 liters at a time, then more for a return visit while others are comfortable in taking out as much as 5 liters in various areas of the body. Whatever method your doctor recommends will result in a better looking and sculpted body.

Because cold laser therapy weight loss methods require multiple visits to the doctors with as much as 8 visits spaced every 2 weeks, the total cost is a factor for most. Liposuction is considered cosmetic surgery by most insurance companies and procedures are typically not covered. If you’re planning to undergo laser lipo, then give your insurance a call to know definitively what is covered and what is not. Most pre-operative procedures such as blood work may be covered as some doctors require this before tumescent lipo procedures. But if what you’re having done is purely laser lipo, the doctors may just require a physical and general check-up before the procedure is done.

Cold laser therapy weight loss is not for everyone. For those that need to lose a lot of weight, other methods of weight loss need to be explored. The best candidates for laser lipo weight loss treatments are those that have lost weight and are on a healthy eating plus exercise regimen. Laser weight loss is better for targeted areas rather than shaping the whole body because not only will that require multiple visits, but will be more expensive as well. Remember that liposuction costs can depend on the amount of fat removed also. So 2 liters of fat removed will be less expensive generally than 5 liters of fat removed.

Another consideration when looking at cold laser therapy weight loss without tumescent liposuction is how permanent is the weight loss or tightening. With some cold laser procedures, the fat is simply melted and not suctioned off. Ask your doctor what happens after the 6 or 8 sessions of therapy are over, when there’s no more laser to stimulate the fat cells. This is one factor that you also must consider as you’re evaluating different forms of laser weight loss. Your doctor will be able to tell you which one works better for your needs. You deserve to be confident in feeling good and looking great. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of help.