Laser Lipo Weight Loss

laser-therapy-weight-lossLosing weight with technology has made huge advances, but most promising of all is using lasers to literally zap away the extraneous and often stubborn fat. Laser weight loss methods have evolved, and we want to showcase and discuss them here to help you find a solution that might work for you.

Hardly anyone today is satisfied with their appearance and almost all of us think that something should be reduced, reshaped, or tightened. But people work too much, eat poorly, and don’t exercise enough.

Modern science and medicine has loads of answers for people wanting a quick fix to weight loss. And now people are even willing to get zapped. Laser weight loss is the latest advance in body sculpting.

Obesity is a growing modern health hazard, because it is associated with a higher incidence of cardiovascular risk factors, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Diabetic people have elevated levels of insulin and triglyceride, decreased levels of protective HD and cholesterol.

Reducing body weight by 10% helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 20%. The serious consequences of obesity are pathological disorders in the work of the heart, lungs, diseases of the digestive, endocrine diseases, as well as orthopedic, skin and gynecological complications.

Obesity is a major challenge for doctors, but also a great psychological and biological challenge for the patients. The treatment of pathological obesity isn’t aimed only at temporary weight loss, but long-term weight loss with a reduction in risk factors and proven changes in the everyday lifestyle.

Today it’s possible to get advanced medical weight loss treatment. Diode laser lipo, a modern laser weight loss development, is an easy and safe way to reduce fat deposits, but without the side effects on other tissues.

It only removes the fat cells, and not the water in our body. In a very short time, you’ll see and feel the effects in shaping the body. Diode laser lipo enables weight loss, figure shaping, rejuvenation and skin care too!

The diode laser lipo laser contains a low – power, which is below 50mW, and can penetrate up to 9 millimeters subcutaneously, and then directly to break down fat cells and improve the metabolism of triglycerides. The fat cells are significantly reduced which results in the reduction of body weight.

At the same time, the removal of glycerol and free acid occurs through capillaries and lymph microtubules, partly is converted into energy to move, and partly excreted by the kidneys.

The diode laser for slimming uses the latest technology on laser weight loss and goes beyond the recently introduced technologies of radio frequency and ultrasound cavitation.

It is a non-invasive cold laser without the side effects, that in just one treatment allows the loss of 1-5 centimetres circumference of the body. For the treatment, it’s good to come three times a week, for three weeks, and the duration of one session is approximately 30 minutes.

The diode laser slimming weight loss uses the latest technology available, and it’s constantly advancing.

The laser beam goes through microcannulas (diameter 1 mm) and works on the fatty tissue itself, causing cracking of the fat cells, turning their content in liquid, part of adipose tissue. It’s absorbed immediately during the operation. So you literally lose fat cells, not simply a shrinkage of the fat cells.

The lipo laser treatment melts fat and cellulite by the photomechanical effect of the laser beam and is recommended even by Dr. Oz. It uses the fastest, easiest and safest way to reduce fat deposits. The main functions of the lipo laser are the weight loss, shaping, skin rejuvenation and care.

When we talk about the safety, this laser is a non invasive cold laser, without any side effects. It’s very fast because the preferred treatment.

It can be applied to any part of the body without restrictions. A measuring of the volume before and after treatment is included.

It is not recommended for the pregnant women, people who have a pacemaker, people with angina pectoris, epilepsy and people who have had a heart attack within five years and the implants incorporated within a year.

The diode lasers are the new thing in the laser technology. It’s even called “Liposuction” without the surgery treatment. You will be able to experience the amazing impact of losing weight without the hassle. It’s not a solution for obesity, but for those who want to lose stubborn pounds it’s an amazing technique.

It is a fast, easy and safe way to reduce fat deposits, but without the side effects on the other tissues. The diode lasers remove only fat cells, but not the “water” of our body, and the results are quickly evident. It achieves weight loss, body shaping, rejuvenation and skin care.

With the only one treatment, the volume of the body can be reduced by 1-5 cm, and it is comfortable because the client should just lie down and relax for about 40 minutes. It’s generally a fast procedure.

The intensity of the laser and medical practice varies from the low power to the strong power. There are the low power laser (-50 mW ) or the cold laser, the medium power laser (80 – 160 mW) and the strong power laser (1000 mW+), which is also called the hot laser.

The preparation for surgery treatments are laboratory tests for the complete blood count, biochemical parameters with coagulation factors, blood group and Rh factor and internal medicine cardiological examination with ECG, including clinical examination by anesthesiologists.

For the procedure is usually used a local anesthesia with analgosedation. A patient may leave the hospital the same day and go home. Swelling and bruising are normal and transient side effects. After the surgery, patients can behave normally, with no special postoperative measures. It’s possible to get back to normal activities immediately after the procedure.

The advantages of the new methods in body shaping is that the use of laser energy to dissolve fat cells trapped in their hard shells emulsifies by microcannulas and are removed from the body. This method is less traumatic to the tissue, with simultaneous coagulation of the small blood vessels which are less likely to experience blood loss.

The advantages compared to the traditional liposuction is that there is less bruising, it doesn’t require general anesthesia as in classic liposuction, it reduces scope but no less important is that it tightens the skin over the treated region. Laser weight loss is a great opportunity to look better and it’s safe if done by a competent physician.

If you are unsatisfied with your looks and you want to finally shed unwanted pounds, eliminate cellulite and be towed into, but without damaging your skin or damaging your health, then laser weight loss is just for you.

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